Rewriting Our Personal Myth


“You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us”
Sappho (610-580 BC)

Point of View

What do Sappho, Sacagawea, Queen Elizabeth, Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo, and Cleopatra had in common? They viewed the world from their personal perspective, dismantled their personal myths, and recreated their stories from their point of view. I invite you to reinvent yourself. Change your point of view and rewrite your Personal Script! Not everyone is born a poet, but everyone is born a Muse.

The Power of I

Before I understood a few essential things, I saw life from the perspective of “the other.” This made-believe separateness causes much suffering. As everyone else, I was born a magician, an agent of change, a wonderful being made of star dust and equipped with everything needed to thrive.

War, exile, society, disputes, antagonism and the voices that shaped the fog and fed my Personal Myth crawled in, making me forget who I am, eroding my Personal Dream. As I embraced the myth, I detached from my sacredness. In this path, I embraced terrible habits.

It took me two journeys across the Rainbow Bridge and a life full of lessons to understand the power of shining my light. Dispersing the fog, dismantling my personal myth, and recreating the story of “I am” from a universe-centered perspective ignited my quest.

Each being is an expression of the Oneness, the conscious impulse that makes up everything that is. Everything is intricately connected. Every time I say “I am” I reclaim the vital energy that flows through me and gives me purpose and life.

Regardless of shape, form, sex, gender, creed, race, ethnicity, ability and background, each one of us is an expression of the conscious energy that makes up everything. Every time I state “I am” recognizing self as an expression of consciousness, I embrace the organizing power of the universe. There is no separation.

Dare to be extraordinary!

Love, joy, light and peace,

I am