Lucid Surrealism: A New Literary Style

Having few drops of Catalan blood, I share a heart connection with Salvador Dali. Born in Figueres, close to the French border in Catalonia, Spain, on October 12, 1901, Dali’s paintings revolutionized the world of art with melted times and hallucinogenic toreadors. The master of surrealism is also born under the astrological sign of Libra. Dali’s fascination with quantum physics and his exploration of the surreal inspired me over the years. Then, I discovered la mera, Frida Kahlo.

Reality is more than what is perceived by the senses. A life of inner explorations combined with the urge to express the way I see the world lead me to create a new literary style, Lucid Surrealism.

Lucid Surrealism (LS) seamlessly weaves multiple realms of reality. This multi-layered style of writing gently guides the reader from exuberant, almost palpable physical encounters to the deep oceanic trench of the unconscious where a plurality of realms fuse in perpetual oneness. Fascination for detail mixes with ambiguity, creating a collage of surreal scenes based on actual stories. In LS, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, fable, poetic prose, and storytelling are carefully stitched to form a cohesive hybrid.

LS explores the sensorial realms of perception, the sensual, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, the world of energy, particles, connectivity, and entanglements, and ultimately the plurality of the collective consciousness. The resulting work fuses reality, imagination, conscious and subconscious experiences and perceptions, and the parallel realities of dreams, out-of-body remote viewing, previous incarnations, Shamanic journeys, and near death experiences. It obliterates the perceived illusion of linear time. Samples of this writing are available on this website.

The Story Weaver Project includes a novel trilogy following the cannons of this new literary style. Cinco is the debutant novel of the trilogy. Invisible Evolutions: 5 Times 5, is the sequel currently in progress. A chapter of 5 Times 5 is published every Sunday.


Mariel Masque – Copyright 2014
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