Poet and Muse Debutant Novel

Cinco, a novel written in lucid surrealism, a new literary style by Mariel Masque, is her debut novel at Poet and Muse e-press under The Story Weaver Project.

Novel Synopsis

In Cinco, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism meets Salvador Dali’s surreal imagery of melted times and hallucinogenic realities. Based on true stories of the Cuban Revolution, its protagonist, René Molina, an imaginative girl who follows blue butterflies in the war zone finds comfort in the stories her grandfather, Jose Maria, shares. As military tanks, missile heads, and machine guns swirl in perpetual chaos, René time travels through light worms and transcends a congenital illness, violence, uncertainty, and war.

CINCO: Table of Contents

Mariel Masque Copyright 2015
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