Where the River Meets the Jaguar

Where the River Meets the Jaguar, is the current novel in editing stages written in lucid surrealism, a new literary style by Mariel Masque.

Novel Pitch

In Where the River Meets the Jaguar, international conspiracy, kidnapping, suspense, surreal imagery, dreams, near-death experiences, shamanic journeys, apparitions, premonitions and everyday reality coalesce as René Molina, a bright young woman from the barrio, engages in a groundbreaking journey that includes explorations with curanderismo, life-threatening encounters with gold diggers in the Venezuelan wedge of the Amazon Rain Forest as a teen member of the indigenous people movement, and a faux marriage with an older man reminding us that reality is never as it seems.

In Search of a Literary Agent

Where the River Meets the Jaguar is roaring to find the right Agent. Please also see The Butterfly’s Ring.

Mariel Masque
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