About The Story Weaver Project

A Cherished Treasure

In 2012, my mother crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of eighty-six. While cleaning her apartment at Puerta del Sol, I found an old shoe box filled with letters from family members. These were written during our exodus from our island of sun. As I grieved my loss, I read and catalogued each letter and piece of paper. I toyed with the idea of writing a novel based on my rich life experience.

Two weeks before my birthday, head over the pillow, I asked the universe a meaningful question. What is the most meaningful birthday gift?

The Idea

In dreamland, I heard: “The story of each person’s life is the story of the universe. You are a story weaver. Imagination is your greatest gift. Let others feed your imaginings and weave all these stories.”

I woke up, ran to the keyboard and transmitted my birthday wish to all my friends. I asked them seven questions:

1.   The name you would like to have as a fiction character (be flamboyant);
2.   A magical power you desire to develop (something that helps others);
3.   A wish for yourself (one sentence);
4.   A wish for the earth (one sentence);
5.   A place you would love to visit (real or imagined)
6.   Your favorite animal;
7.   Your dream job (the current one if you love it).

Magically, ideas flew from different locales in the US, Venezuela, Mexico, and Spain.

Lucid Surrealism

Having few drops of Catalan blood, I share a heart connection with Salvador Dali. Dali’s fascination with quantum physics and his exploration of the surreal inspired me through the years. Life is never as it seems. Being at the verge of a new paradigm shift, I created a new literary style, Lucid Surrealism. Its flexible structure allows me to express the complexities of the different realms of reality combining vibrant details and ambiguity in a seamless way.

Cinco: A Novel on Demand!

Cinco is the debuting novel at Poet and Muse e-press. It is also the first novel in the trilogy: The Story Weaver Project.

Writing a novel online is both a terrifying and a liberating process. Being a creative spirit, I love to work outside of the box. As friends submitted their character, aspirations, and dreams, I wrote them on tiny pieces of paper, placed them inside my black beret hat, and picked up random names and ideas.

Then, I weaved these into my story. This process mimics those times when a complete stranger steps into one’s life and radically impacts our matrix, our personal footprint, unleashing possibilities that would have never occurred without that instant of sacred connection. Everything is interdependent and interconnected.

5 Times 5: Invisible Evolutions

5 Time 5 is the second novel at Poet and Muse e-press. It is also the second novel in the trilogy: The Story Weaver Project.

The Commitment

A very hard thing for a Libra! Within the next 365 days, starting on my birthday, October 1st, 2014, I will write a novel online. Like a quilt, the plot will weave cuentos based on true stories. I commit to post one chapter every Sunday. And you, dear reader, will be able to watch the story evolve every week on my blog.

With love and gratitude,

The Story Weaver

Mariel Masque – Copyright 2014
All Rights Reserved

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