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We may learn wisdom by three methods: reflection, is the noble route; imitation is the easiest; and experience is the bitterest.


The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life

A true poet surrenders fully to the art of contemplation. Take for instant the relationship between the moon and the earth. The moon exerts a constant influence over the ocean tides, never expecting anything in return. The earth, in return, gives the moon a spectacular view.

The sun is another example of unconditional love. Its vibrancy allows plants to engage in the process of photosynthesis. Plants in turn release the oxygen breathing organisms need to exist. The sun warms the earth and makes life possible. In the universe, everything is connected to everything else. Unconditional love means that one gives because giving brings pleasure. Easier said than done! Dissolving ego unleashes the most-pleasurable state of heart. And the best way to dissolve the ego is to focus our attention on the miracles of life.

A Hummingbird Nest Hat

It was a clear and sunny beauteous spring day in the Sonoran Desert. I woke up sad, grieving a major loss. Lost in blue thoughts, I faced the Catalina Mountains. While watering the plants in the garden, I smiled at the rising sun. The instant I smiled, a sudden buzzing sound demanded my attention. A tiny hummingbird buzzed her little wings in front of my face and flew away. I looked up.

The marvelous engineer had built a nest anchored on a flat single spike of iron, a thread of metal hair on the head of the dancing amazon wind chime hanging by the front door. Immediately, I brought out a hummingbird feeder grabbing dust in the garage and placed it nearby. Weeks later we had developed a bond. She did not feel the need to fly away as I water the plants. Miraculously, she left me photograph her whereabouts.

Too soon, an ethnography of urban nesting unfolded. An earthy amazon wearing a glamorous hummingbird nest on her head, danced, danced and danced in the wind. Magic at its best! Who is the earthy Amazon wearing a hummingbird nest hat, head chakra in tune with the marvels of life?

Two tiny eggs the size of jellybeans found a home inside. One baby hatched. A little breathing creature with pointy spikes emerged from the shell. The second baby did not make it and promptly was discarded to ensure the safety of the newborn.

As weeks passed by, I forgot everything about my loss and fully engaged in exciting field work. One beauteous morning, I woke up and checked on the hummingbirds. Ms. Hummingbird stood on the rim of the nest, tiny claws holding tight, hovering her wings at high-speed, showing Junior a new trick. Junior watched attentive.

After few seconds, she began to hover mimicking her mom. Precious little wings covered with porcupine-like spikes hovered until Junior rose in the air. “I can do it, mom.” I heard a voice in the back of my mind. It made my whole body smile.

I could feel the vibrations of discovery emitted by little wings and the incessant joyful chirps. She softly embraced her young with both wings preventing a fall. Promptly, Junior tired up and returned to deep sleep. Ms. Hummingbird sat proudly on top of her child and gently preened the tiny feathers beginning to sprout at the tip of each spike.

One morning, while practicing her hovering Tai Chi, junior lost balance and fell off the nest. Maneuvering a first fly, she landed safely on a cactus bed. Mom got all agitated trying to get her back to the nest. “Junior!!!” I could hear her swear, chirping away.

I gently picked Junior and placed her inside the nest. Ms. Hummingbird promptly sat on top of her precocious child.

“Mom, I can fly!” Chest puffed Junior replied.

Mesmerized, Magic and Love, my two black Siamese cats, stood at my feet at the other side of the glass. Only a matter of days! We thought. Only a matter of days!

Ah, the miracle of life. The gifts of nature fill the heart with charming delights when we dare to pause. One meaningful breath at a time, the precious moment is all I have. Such mindful exercise contributes more to world peace than any meaningless fight.


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