The Essential Crash Course:

LOVE is the organizing power

FREEDOM is a way of being

TIME is the great trickster

EVERY MIND is a world

EVERY HEART is a universe

EVERY ONE is unique (different DNA)

LIFE is pro-diversity

ONENESS is meaningless without diversity

GOD is the intelligent energy making up all things

CHANGE is the only constant

TRUTH is relative

ALL RELIGIONS say basically the same thing

PEACE is achieved by remaining still

JOY is a way of expressing self

COMPASSION is essential for the survival of all species

FORGIVENESS is the key to personal growth

GRATITUDE leads to wisdom

EMPATHY is a sign of strength

DEATH is a momentary transition, we remain connected in the field

LISTENING is the art of loving

AWARENESS is the process of becoming

When you understand these, all suffering disappears!

Sea Lion Wisdom


Mariel Masque Copyright 2016 – All Rights Reserved
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