I ink, love, fall, and rise.
I die and spark right back to life a dazzling butterfly.
Mariel Masque

Welcome to Poet and Muse e-press: The Home of Lucid Surrealism

The central theme of Poet and Muse E-Press is to celebrate immigrants based on the belief that in the world we live today, everyone is an immigrant. In an attempt to inspire world peace, the selected stories posted in this website weave courage, strength, love, passion, joy, adventure, compassion, and forgiveness. They introduce complex characters that spring from the page to teach a lesson or to befriend the reader. Rooted on real events, these surreal fictionalized tales emerge from physical reality, magical journeys, heart connections, and the world of dreams.

Savor the Journey!

Mariel Masque

What Reviewers Say

Surrealism artist Salvador Dali said “El surrealismo es destructivo, pero destruye solamente lo que considera ser grilletes limitando nuestra visión.” Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.

Mariel Masque abides by Dali’s vision with her pen, embracing the role of limitations destroyer. Like Dali, Mariel Masque’s writing seamlessly weaves multiple realms of reality, what she terms  as lucid surrealism. This multi-layered style of writing gently guides the reader from exuberant, almost palpable physical encounters to the deep oceanic trench of the unconscious where a multiplicity of realms fuse in perpetual oneness. Fascination for detail mixes with ambiguity, creating a collage of surreal scenes based on actual stories. Mariel’s  fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fables, poetic prose, and storytelling are carefully stitched to form a cohesive hybrid.

Estella Gonzalez, MFA Creative Writing, Cornell University
Contributing Editor, Kweli Journal, Los Angeles, California

Your writing is a plethora of vivid descriptions, rich and alluring.  There is pleasure in savoring each detail. 

Valerina Quintana, Tucson, Arizona
Author of Full Moon Rising and Recalling Home, A Poetry of Remembrance. 

This is the best, most amazing, most original poem/book I can imagine. I have gone in and out and loved it.  I want to hold the book in my hands. When will it be in book form my brilliant friend? You wonder of wonders, you.

Kathleen Culver, Ph.D. English and American Literature
Author of The Natural Law of Water

Julie Cameron said in the Artist’s Way, “Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.” We are all creative in different ways. Storytelling is the form in which your creativity manifests. You have the potential to be a writer in the tradition of Paulo Coelho.

Marcela Landres, Editorial Consultant
Former Acquisitions Editor with Simon and Schuster

This is a fascinating story. “Visitation” is lovely, clear and evocative. It introduces the dream-like quality of memory and love and the characters in real-time and real-space.

Johanna Skibsrud, the youngest author to be short-listed for the Scotiabank Giller Prize
Author of
The Sentimentalists

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